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Motivation is a complex issue which can be analysed from different perspectives. Probably the most exhaustive definition of motivation is the following one given by Dornyei: “Perhaps the only thing about motivation most researchers would agree on is that it, by definition, concerns the direction and magnitude of human behaviour, that is; the choice of a particular action, the persistence with it, the effort expended on it. In other words, motivation is responsible for why people decide to do something, how long they are willing to sustain the activity, how hard they are going to pursue it”.  
Motivation in language learning seems to be more complex than human motivation in general since learning a foreign language is different to learning other subjects. It involves not only learning skills, grammar, a system of rules but also the adoption of new social and cultural behaviours and ways of being. In contrast to other subjects motivation in language learning can be developed not only by using the  language in interactions with others but also through interactions with native speakers of the language.
Harmer defines motivation to learn as “some kind of internal drive that encourages somebody to pursue a course of action”. If learners perceive a goal and if that goal is sufficiently attractive, they are strongly motivated to do whatever is necessary to achieve the aim. The goals can be short-term, for example passing a school test or exam, or long-term such as  getting a better job, communicating with foreigners on social grounds or doing business with foreign partners. Perceptible and appealing goals, no matter if long or short-term, are powerful motivational factors.
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